EasyRPG crashed on RG350 (OpenDingux)

I am trying to run EasyRPG on the RG350 , which is a device that is mostly compatible with GCW-Zero.
Due to the discontinuation of GCW-Zero, the RG350 is becoming very popular in the OpenDinugx community.
Unfortunately, the EasyRPG Player built for GCW-Zero does not seem to work on the RG350

I’m still trying to build EasyRPG for the RG350.At the same time I also show you the crash reports of EasyRPG (running on the RG350):

Here’s the system info for OpenDingux on RG350:

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Here is the screenshots of EasyRPG Release Build 0.6.1 for GCW-Zero

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Here is the screenshots of EasyRPG Nightly Build 568 for GCW-Zero

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I found out that 0.6.1 suffers from a broken SDL build (only dummy video driver available).
The #568 build is new from the toolchain built today. Seems like we hit some abi incompatibility there. Most libs are baked in, so we likely need to ship our own libstdc++ as well.

It’s seem that 0.6.0 has the same issue as 0.6.1

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Thank you for trying 0.6.0 as well. We unfortunately do not own any opendingux device, so this was not discovered until today :confused:
You can try any build since #573, which should have them baked in statically.

As for 0.5.4, same issue
For 0.4.1,I see the logo of EasyRPG flashed quickly ,and it crash.
Here’s another crash report:

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The old toolchain was from 2016, so this is expected (0.5 series). Have you tried the latest build yet?

Here’s the crash report of the latest build (574)

The development of RG350 is still in working,and it is not built form the latest buildroot for OpenDingux yet.
Is this the key issue?
Here’s the currently released buildroot for RG350:

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Yep, that is the key issue. Seems like they base it off the old 2014 toolchain.
Unfortunately we cannot support this, because it is too old.

I have RG350 device and upgrade RG350_buildroot toolchain GCC/G++ to 6.4.1 with C++14 support.
But gcw0 compile doc in https://wiki.easyrpg.org/development/compiling/player/gcw0 too old, can you update the last version build doc for OpenDingux(GCW0 or RG350)?