EasyRPG Crashes consistently on the same spot (Mac)

Hello together!

Im currently running EasyRPG v.0.8 on Mac OS 14.1 Sonoma. The Game is running okay most of the time. But I’ve encountered a spot where it keeps crashing. I’ve attached the Logfiles from EasyRPG as well as the Crashreport:

Logs.zip (29.4 KB)

The game I was playing (incl. Saves) can be found here : Game.zip - Google Drive

The Steps to recreate this error are as follows:

Load up Save File 5
Walk towards the ladder, and hit the Enter key
Skip through the Dialogue and when presented with a choice, select the second option (Na gut.)
Wait until the Character disappears behind the tree, changes clothing, and then walks to the ladder
Hit the Enter Key
Game Crashes

Do you have an Idea why this happens? Is it my settings? or the game itself? Or EasyRPG?

I appreciate every suggestion :slight_smile:

Thank you for your report! Turns out, Unterwegs in Duesterburg has a music file that the macOS MIDI synthesizer doesn’t like. I’ve submitted a patch to the EasyRPG team to workaround this issue, which you can find here.

It may take some time for the team to test and review the patch, so in the meantime you can progress your game one of two ways:

  1. You can try running the patched version of the Player. You should be able to download it here https://ci.easyrpg.org/view/Pull%20Requests/job/player-macos-pr/6121/artifact/osxbuild/EasyRPG-Player-macos.app.zip
  2. I’ve patched the broken MIDI file:
    5-beatles-lustig.zip (9.2 KB) just extract that in the Music folder, overwriting the existing file. The game should no longer crash during that scene.

Option (1) should also improve the quality of the music since I fixed another unrelated bug which caused music notes to get stuck.

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Thank you very much for taking the time and looking into it!

I will test the patched version and the fixed MIDI File the following days and report back! :slight_smile: