EasyRPG elf file for 3DS

Hi everyone. A couple of years ago I started experimenting with running EasyRPG on the 3DS. I found the basic build instructions for bundling a game into a single .cia file, and wrote a script to automate some of it.

However, at one point the 3DS build broke and so I kind of lost interest. Very recently the 3DS build has apparently been fixed. So I started looking into this again. But when I look at the 3DS builds, I don’t see any .elf files being built anymore. The makerom instructions have it using a .elf file to build the final .cia.

I was wondering, is there some alternate way to build a .cia that doesn’t use an .elf file? Or is there some alternative place to get the .elf build? The current build artifacts that I can see seems to have a .3dsx file and there’s also a full .cia file which I assume is the regular player that opens with a game selection menu. Of course the regular EasyRPG player works fine too but it would be nice to bundle games into their own .cia files like I was able to do earlier.

Thanks for any help!


The file was lost while we migrated everything to a new build system.

The .elf file is now readded.

The .elf has been part of the easyrpg-player-3ds-debug.zip since the CMake migration. I see no need to add is as separate artifact to jenkins.

Oh. Didn’t see this one.

AAAAAND its gone.