EasyRPG player 3DS application wont start

Hi there, I’m not sure how this community page works so sorry ahead of time. I recently installed EasyRPG player on my 3DS and the App shows up, however anytime i attempt to open it, on the main menu or in homebrew launcher it does one of 2 things: Opens Up and then returns me to the home menu, or Opens up and has a crash dump problem. I don’t have any former knowledge on the EasyRPG player, so sorry if this isn’t enough to go off of.

Do you remember which version of the player did you installed (0.8.0, continuous build…) and which format of the file did you got (cia or 3dsx)?
Also, on which model of the console are you playing? This could potentially be useful to know.

i installed the cia for the 0.8 continuous build, and I’m playing on the 2012 3ds xl model

I just tried on my side with the latest continuous build available (v0.8 git+267@c23c5137 - you can check your version by going in Settings → License, and then select EasyRPG Player) on my New 2DS XL, and I had no issue to start the player and launch a game, so I guess that it might be related to the console (unfortunately I don’t have any old model to try that).