Easyrpg web player not detecting images with Japanese Characters even though they are there

What I’ve tried so far is using the full RTP Japanese package with Harmony.dll which fixed possible mixing RTPs.
I’ve also tried setting manual Easyrpg Japanese encoding which made the web player start reading Japanese but still fail to implement the files into the game.
This is what my RPG_RT.ini looks like.
How do I make this work. The encoding obviously worked for the web player but not fully, since it is reading Japanese now but still not getting the pictures into the game. Setting it to English encoding shows scrambled characters in both the web and regular player. Possibly bug?

I think you missed some step, can you verify the following points?

  • Did you copy over the rtp files over the game directory?
  • Did you update the json cache file?
  • Did you clear your browser cache?

Thank you!

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Yes, copied rtp to game directory. Just ran gencache.exe again and deleted the old index.json. Deleted browser cache as well. But wait a seconed. I might’ve just figured it out. Do you think I need to run the gencache.exe with Japanese App Locale. This is what it’s generating.
Bunch of names with question marks= not good. I’m going to try to run it with Japanese locale.

So just ran gencache.exe with Japanese App locale.
Still generates a bunch of gibberish.
Check it out:
(the examples im posting is just like 1/20th of it because it’s very long)
So either gencache has no implementation for foreign language compability or I’m running a bad exe. If it’s the former it’s a little bug and should be quite an easy fix, maybe by making separate gencache.exe’s for Japanese/Russian other foreign games. If it’s the latter i’ll try to find a good exe. Thanks for you help, you pointed me toward the json cache file. It actually generates the correct directories only if they are named fully in English characters.

It’s definite. gencache.exe, at least the one found here: https://wiki.easyrpg.org/development/player/web needs an update for Japanese compability. Re downloaded it and tried again still generates a load of gibberish. It should be quite easy to fix this, I’ll make a bug report or do it myself if I have time. It might be as simple as compiling the exe from code with Japanese locale. Other languages such as Russian or Arabic might be effected by this as well. Or you could fix it as well, just realized you’re one of the devs. As a moderate programmer I realize how much effort goes into making something like Easyrpg, you guys have done a great work.

Seems we never came around to fix this: https://github.com/EasyRPG/Tools/pull/22#issuecomment-241430606

Oh, right, this one is still open: https://github.com/EasyRPG/Tools/pull/40 (not checked if really fixed)