Encoding issue. Possibly

Greetings! new to the forums!

I am having issues with a translated game, i suspect it is because some of the folders and files are named in Japanese and some other in English. When i start the game in western European or auto-detect encoding most of the sprites are missing. When i start with Japanese encoding it is slightly better, there are few to none warnings but the game shows wrong sprites… totally messed up. I don’t know if i have the diagnostic right, but i explained the symptoms the best i could. There is some way to fix it?

Hello! Welcome to the forum!

Please tell us more about the problem: what kind of game you’re playing, what sprites are displayed incorrectly (what sprites you expected and which ones were shown instead) and what warnings you have. Thanks!

There are several possible reasons:
[li] game might be extracted with filenames in wrong encoding,[/li]
[li] if you don’t have RTP, the game might need RTP,[/li]
[li] if you use the official Japanese RTP, it might have filenames in the wrong encoding,[/li]
[li] you might be using the official RTP when the game expects unofficial pirated RTP (which contains additional graphics) so closest replacements are used,[/li]
[li] game might use some hacks incompatible with EasyRPG player (such as the CharExpand hack),[/li]
[li] there might be a bug in the Player, etc.[/li][/ul]

We can’t tell anything for sure without additional information.

Also check the RTP_RT.ini in the game folder.

When it contains FullPackageFlag=1 remove that line and try again.

If this doesn’t help give us the game, then we check.