Error: "This is not a valid RPG2000 database"

I’m trying to use easyrpg player to play “the 7th stand user”, but after the putting the 7th stand user folder inside the easyRPG games folder and selecting the 7th stand user item, I get the error in the title. Anyone know what’s going on?

Hey. This is a strange error. Can you share the game files you are using?

It’s the 7th stand user I got the link from FAQ | 7th Stand User Wiki | Fandom, more specifically version 2.6 aka 25.04 MB file on MEGA

OK, so I’ve been trying out the other versions (specifically the 2.5.3 versions) and those do not give me errors, they just crash. Still no closer to figuring out the issue.

Another update,
So I uninstalled and reinstalled the EasyRPG app, and tried again. Now the error I’m getting is
“Error loading RPG_RT.ldb”, and I’m getting it for all 3 versions of the game.