Excuse me, update time.

Hello, I have received a reply saying that it will be updated in August or September. It will fix all the bugs, but now it is almost at the end of October. When will it be updated?


Unfortunately there were many delays. We defined now this Friday as the really really really final day for the release preparation. If you can’t wait simply use the “Continious Build” on the Player download page: https://easyrpg.org/player/downloads/

But it won’t contain most of the promised battle fixes (I guess this is what was told to you?) because there were also unplanned delays there. We are back on track though and try to get this all done ASAP. Hopefully this year, sorry, we do this in our freetime. :confused:

Ok, thanks for your hard work, you have worked hard. I have become a beta tester for your easy RPG on the Google Play store. I have provided comments yesterday. The bug is on the Google Play store. I played the game for Moon Blue Legend 1 The weapon has repeatedly attacked and shielded to enhance resistance and the function of immune all abnormal and immune critical strikes is invalid. Before playing a game called Bahamut, the professional weapon can not be equipped and can only be equipped with the original occupation.

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