Failed Saving to Save01.lsd (and Save02.lsd)

I cannot find anything helpful anywhere for this issue. The game I am playing is End Roll, I’m using EasyRPG on a Mac. Does anybody know how to fix this?

I was going to upload a second picture showing that Save02.lsd wouldn’t save either but I’m only allowed to send one media piece at a time.
I’m pretty new to all of this so I’m not quite sure what I’m doing honestly

It looks like it cannot write in the game directory.
Where is the game located and how did you install EasyRPG Player?

It’s installed in a folder on my documents. I downloaded it onto my mac via the EasyRPG website. I’d send a picture but I’m not on my macbook right now.

It looks like new versions of macOS restrict writing for “unknown apps”. Not a mac user here, but I guess there is some hidden setting for this.

Analysis and proposal to deal with this issue:

i’m having the same problem but i’m on windows. the easyrpg exe is right inside the game directory, the same folder with RPG_RT.exe, but no matter what, i can’t seem to save to any file.

The game is likely in the program directory (C:\Program Files). This path is not writable for the user.

Saving only works for RPG_RT.exe because it is a very old program. For very old programs Windows does some compatibiility hacks to make it still work.