Due to personal reasons, i’m leaving (again, for the 3º time) the project.

fdelapena i’m sorry i never started the las modifications we discused for the editor, i’m afraid you will have to do them all by your own until another programmer take the chellenge with wxWidgets.

I’m really sorry for this. Good bye.

Always looking forward to be an EasyRPG user: Gazille, ex- MarianoGNU, ex- JuNa.

Aaaaaah so you’re Mariano xDDDDDDD (also JuNa-boy). Well, maybe later you could re-enter on the project :wink: (maybe if vacations==TRUE :D). Hope you get your reasons to good terms (well, I mean, that they go well or something, I don’t know and don’t have to know what reasons you have, only if you want to destroy the world, because that’s bad D:).

Anyway, best regards, and hope we see you again by here :),
Orochii Zouveleki

PD.: Hope hope hope, not dope.