Farkas Ürdüng

Hello everyone,

the username I use is Farkas Ürdüng (a funny translation of SNES game Seiken Densetsu 3 enemy Wolf Devil). I’ve been part of the now almost non-existent Hungarian RPG Maker community for a long time, so I doubt that anyone’s ever heard of me. The RM which I prefer to use is RM2000 for its simple front view battle system and the way it can incorporate the atmosphere of SNES RPGs. I also enjoy RM2003, since it’s practically the same, but with a different BS.

My favourite part in making a game is mapping. Ironically, I map so well, but if I were to draw something on paper, it’d look worse than what a kindergartner could do. I run into rips of SNES games, there was one particular rip I really liked, which lead me to find out it was from the game Seiken Densetu 3. I noticed there weren’t many rips of it and most of them was in bad quality. I wanted to get every tileset from the game, so I spent 5 years with ripping and now possess rips of ~75% of the existing tilesets. During my ripping experience I learned a lot on tileset creation and usage by constantly observing the screenshots I used to rip from SD3. Currently I wish to draw my own tileset in the same style as some known SNES RPGs, mainly SD3, since using rips is not quite legal and it’d be much better to make a great map using a tileset I myself created.