Folding RTP into a game?

I have a game that uses Don Miguel’s RTP and I actually have the RTP. Is there a way to fold the RTP into the game so that DM’S RTP doesn’t interfere with the official RTP?

Sure, just copy over additional files and add “FullPackageFlag=1” to RPG_RT.ini.

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Is there an easy way to know what files it needs from the rtp? I vaguely remember rm2k having an option to repackage your game so it won’t need the rtp, is there a tool like that available?

We planned to create such a tool someday but I’m not aware of any that just copies the dependencies.
RPG Maker 2000 has “Create game disk” but I’m not sure if it copies only required files, never used it.

I’ll try that. Pretty sure I bought a legit copy of rm2k when it went on Humble Bundle.

So I had it make an “install disk” and told it to include the RTP. Then used winmerge to compare the created install files to the RTP, and there weren’t any files in RTP that weren’t in the install files. I think it just goes ahead and includes the entire RTP.

Because the Install disk option copies the full RTP, years ago there were at least “Rast’s RTP Dependency Scanner Plugin” “rm2k general utility” “rtp dependent scanner”, “RM Tool”, etc. but nowadays are quite hard to find (maybe a rpg maker tool preservation project is needed :thinking:).

Note they are not perfect because they just check they are referenced in files, not if they are really used. E.g. games with default, unclean databases have lots of references to unused characters, battle animations, terrains and other files.

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Hi fdelapena, Ghabry,

It’s always really cool to see the work that you guys are doing. I don’t have “Rast’s RTP Dependency Scanner Plugin” but I do have “”

I used this alot while converting a whole bunch of old rpgmaker games to stand alone RTP-free games. The cool thing about this program is that it detects English and Japanese RTP through the database file - I was gonna write a tutorial on this on RMN with pictures but real life stuff is in the way at the moment.

Eitherway, I hope this helps, please keep up the good work!

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Hi, thanks LordBlueRuge.
Here is a rm tool, not sure if really the same you linked, from a primary source:


Yes! Thanks fdelapena! It’s the same one, I’ve been looking for a primary link for ages. It’s very useful for injecting required/missing RTP files into rpgmaker2000/2003 games.

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