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since rpg games are becoming more well know in my country, people started to translate them, we use a T3CVN font to do so since rpg maker 2000/2003 doesnt support unicode, of course it works really well in windows, but sadly easyrpg doesnt have the custom font feature and use its own built-in font, it just display weird symbols and literally unreadable, so you basically understand what im trying to say now, please add this feature :slight_smile: it will make me really happy

Hi Toara.

EasyRPG player uses embedded UTF8 fonts for Intl compatibility, but since RPG maker games are not UTF8, player have a special feature called Custom Encoding. That allows you to specify in RPG_RT.ini what character encoding your game uses, then player will interpret game text data.

Usually player detects the game encoding automatically but in some cases fails. In these cases you must specify the proper encoding in RPG_RT.ini What encoding your country uses?

More info about this feature:

no, since the original version of the game is japanese and translated into vietnamese (and those files like charsets, tilesets are also japanese) (also that custom emcoding feature doesnt have vietnamese either lol) theres literally no way other than use other font to display those characters

Just asking, did you tried setting Windows-1258 encoding in RPG_RT.ini?


Edit: The team confirms that vietnamesse characters is supported via embedded ttyp0 font: You will just need to set your encoding properly and player will start to using that font.

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i tried every single one encoding also im using android, one just glitch out and unplayable, one display t3cvn (but since it doesnt have the font, it just display weird characters such as £, é, ©, °), another one is playable (because i choose japanese this time) but the weird characters that i was talking about turn into japanese XD
p/s: do you need screenshot?
also i will do that and if it helps, it will be awesome

Welcome Toara, thanks for your report.
A screenshot may help, but if you provide us a download link to check affected games will help even more.
Are you using the EasyRPG Player Android version?
Do you know if those fonts are using the Private Use Area (PUA) on Japanese encoding?

1.Yes i use the lastest version of EasyRPG player
2. The game that im talking about:

  1. Screenshots, one display japanese, one display T3CVN


  2. no, but the font we use called “gohufont” i dont know if the translator modified anything but if you need the font’s download link, here it is:

another screenshot display japanese symbols

Thank you Toara, useful information.
I have checked the gohufont.fon file and the glyph layout matches with TCVN 5712 (VSCII-2 or -3), it completely differs from windows-1258 and it seems it’s not supported by our conversion library (ICU), but supported by another library used for encoding support (iconv). I’ve found some useful old table comparisons and conversion library support. Note: VSCII is not the same as VISCII.

Though the font matches TCVN encodings, it seems to use Japanese encoded file names, so as you correctly point, the translator used a mixture of Vietnamese over existing Japanese encoding to make it compatible with the TCVN encoding (some kind of “mojibake” mixture) instead of converting it to Windows code page 1258, which would helped as in other games. I even think it is hard to edit from the original Japanese RPG Maker editor because the encoding wouldn’t match without patching the editor using a TCVN font and setting Windows into Japanese for non-unicode programs or using AppLocale or similar locale emulators.

To solve this I don’t think patching the EasyRPG Player library (liblcf) to support this particular mixed encoding case would helped to fix this. So. a proper fix is to support external .fon files instead.
The .fon support is a task nice to have in future EasyRPG Player versions, as there are more games relying on this feature. You could be interested on subscribing for updates to this issue:

As a side note, for future Vietnamese translations, I would suggest translators to use Windows-1258 encoding. It’s properly supported by our conversion library, maybe patching RPG_RT.exe is required to work with Vietnamese Windows versions properly (or use EasyRPG Player :slight_smile: ). I suppose (or at least I hope) there are other games using this way instead of relying on Japanese encoding.

There is a plan to support external translation files in EasyRPG Player some day in the future, allowing translators to translate a special file without needing to modify the game map and database files (multi-language translations) and with Unicode support.

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the reason why we dont choose other encoding is because if so, then for example: an even use a file called システム.png, the encoding will turn it into fvfxfef€.png and it couldn’t find the file because originally the file is called システム.png not fvfxfef€.png, to solve this, we need to re-create the whole game, it will be painful to do so

You are right changing the whole file reference list is hard and time consuming. We are aware of this and that’s the reason a future goal is adding external translation support to EasyRPG Player as the best way to help game translators. However, adding proper support for the RPG Maker 2003 battle system and other missing small but important game interpreter features have more priority currently.

Link to the issue for tracking the multilanguage game translation feature for more details: