Game crash when the movie scene comes


Im using EasyRPG 0.8-264 on android 13.
The Game start well until when i enter the one city. It works good on the PC (had crash issue until i replace the .exe file with the latest version)
but still it crashes on android version

You can check it from the game file, save is there and can just move to the left to enter into the city.

Is there a solution to this?

Thank you

Read here what is not yet implemented, and you will have your answer:

@Nico That’s not the issue here: while video playback is currently not implemented at all in the Player, it is not supposed to cause a crash, especially on only one type of platform, which means that there could be another issue here.

@winder The link that you sent for the game requests to ask for an authorization to be able to access to the game: I will do that with my own account, so expect to receive a notification for that if you are the person hosting those files.

I have just accepted the access request
thank you for the help

Just checked how the map works: for some reason, some tiles in the map have a negative ID, which the Player doesn’t seem to appreciate at all.

Don’t necessarily expect a patch for the Player to come soon fixing this issue, but in the meanwhile, I’ve made a patch to the game to fix it: extract the files present in the zip and put the two map files in the folder of the game, by replacing the existing ones, and you should be able to enter in the town without crashing in the Player.
p (5.3 KB)

This issue seems to be related to this one in some form: Getting data from an invalid terrain is broken and unpredictable while it should not · Issue #3070 · EasyRPG/Player · GitHub

Thank you so much for the patch
ill try it out and see