Getting started

How do I get the project files for EasyRPG editor, I don’t own RPG Maker 2000 or 2003, and it needs a template apparently, sorry if this sounds dumb. Thanks in advance, Hey

found em, but its really broken lol am i just dumb or is this just that broken

Hey! EasyRPG Editor is not yet ready. You can’t use it to create games (yet).

If you want to make a game for EasyRPG right now, you can try the R48 editor: see this blog post about it.

(A small thing has changed since this was published: now, it’s recommended to use latest OpenJDK from Adoptium instead of JRE for Java 8 from Oracle.)

EasyRPG Player + R48 is enough to create a game.


Thank you for the response. - Hey

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