Having build problems

I am actually using Mageia Linux 5 but I am following the instructions for Fedora at easy-rpg.org/wiki/development/c … for-fedora .

First the instructions refer me to the page to download and build liblcf. I did that. Now I need to download and build the player. However, the player complains that it can’t find the LCF package.

Considering that I just followed the instructions and compiled it from source, that’s not surprising–I didn’t install it as a package. The result is that I can’t build because it’s looking for a nonexistent package. It tells me I can set LCF_LIBS abd LCF_CFLAGS but I don’t know the proper syntax for those so that doesn’t help.

Also, is there any way to use the Don Miguel translated RTP for RPG Maker 2000? EasyRPG normally tries to map the filenames–is it smart enough to not map the filenames when the translated version is the one I actually have installed? Is it safe to just install the translated RTP and use it as is with EasyRPG? If so, is there any way to specify both a translated RTP and a nontranslated RTP at the same time so that EasyRPG will use the translated one or nontranslated one depending on what files the game demands?

Did you run sudo make install? Depending on the prefix (e.g. /usr/local) you used for configure try adding a pkg-config path:
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig

And then try player again

This works, thanks.

I still don’t understand how or if I can use the Don Miguel translated runtime package, though.

Edit: I also had a sound problem, but building with SDL2 instead of 1.2 solved it.

Sorry, forgot to answer that part.

You must set the env variables RPG2K_RTP_PATH and RPG2K3_RTP_PATH to the directory where the RTP is. Though this does only allow one path… So a solution is to just extract the Japanese and the English RTP merged in one directory. But EasyRPG also has a RTP translation table, so you should be able to play Japanese games with the English Don RTP.

If you have Wine you can install the RTP via Wine btw and EasyRPG will detect it because it parses the Wine registry :slight_smile:

The Audio problems are 100% SDL issues. We are currently working on changing the Audio system because it has too many bugs.