Hello everyone


I’m Ghabry and come from Germany.

I wondered if there is any free reimplementation of the RPG Maker so I searched through Google and found EasyRPG. I also had the idea to write a RPG Runtime but because you already did some of the work I don’t see a reason to do it again. g

I would like to contribute to the player2-project by improving it’s compatibility (looks like it displays the start menu and then freezes at the moment). I have good C++ Skills and some experience with SDL. I’m developing under Windows by using Visual Studio 2010 (and 2008).
I read that you are currently refactoring the “messy” player and put the result in the player2 folder. So I guess you don’t want at the moment that somebody messes with your player2 code? :wink:

Please write your answers in English or German. I don’t understand a single word of Spanish.

Hi Ghabry, welcome to EasyRPG :slight_smile:

I’m glad that you want to contribute to the project, that’s great. Currently the plans for the player2 project are to use a RGSS-like API. I supose you know about RPG Maker XP and VX, right? RM2K and RM2K3 work much like RMXP and RMVX do, so the RMXP/VX scripts are a really good base for the player2 (with some differences, of course). If you want to contribute, it would be good if you already have some experience with RMXP/VX scripts, still that’s not strictly necessary.

Also, I’m currently the main developer of the player2 but it still lacks of good documentation. I plan to update our wiki in the next days with good information for developers working on the player2, so you and other people that want to contribute can have a good base for knowing how things work and how the plans are. You will also need to be added in EasyRPG sourceforge project as developer for having write rights for the svn repository, however fdelapena (the admin) is currently on vacations.

No, I have never worked with the RGSS API (that’s the Ruby Part of RPGXP/VX, right?). So I just downloaded RPG Maker XP and took a look in the RGSS Documentation. Now I understand your naming conventions for all of the RPG objects and the use of e.g. classes like Plane (they are well documented in the RGSS-Doc).
I’m already “fighting” through the source and try to understand most of it since yesterday, the RGSS-Docs should speed this up.

Yes, some documentation in the wiki about the current tasks and such things would be good.

Welcome Ghabry!

I’m back from holidays (well, 1 day remaining) but working in the spare time on the documentation wiki. I’m just completing a few RTP tables and specs (a bit of work). In the next days I will paste all data made in my wiki at “localhost” written offline.

If you want svn writing permissions please tell me your user name on sourceforge.net (if you don’t have sourceforge account just make one) and I’ll add you on the svn writing permissions.


Woah… Just say welcome to the jungle my friend. See you soon on the forums!
-It’s all right now!-