Hello, I stumbled across this project after I had installed Homebrew Browser on my friend’s Wii as part of his Christmas present. I saw that this project existed and I knew I had to give it a shot. After being more than impressed with what progress had been made (I tested it on my Wii with the old RM2000 game Exile), I decided to check on the project development… and that led me here to the forums. :smiley:

I’ve tinkered with RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 ever since it came out, but I never ventured beyond RPG Maker 2003 into RMVX. Games I’ve released include King of the Ring 1.09, The Worst RPG Ever, Teh Worster RPG Evar, and Name 73.

My range of knowledge varies, I’ve made .BRSTMs, sprites, chipsets mostly-from-scratch, a personal Minecraft resource pack (again, mostly from scratch), and while I do have the means to make midi files, my musical talents are quite limited.

I’m not sure what I could contribute in a reasonable period of time. I’m not sure what EasyRPG was written in (right now, I’m very, very sleepy and not really awake, so forgive me if it’s plainly written somewhere else and I missed it), but, given enough time, I think that might be where I am best suited.

I recently got my Masters in software engineering, and one of my final projects was writing an RPG for Android very similar to how RM2000/RM2003 function (with the exception to the attack damage formula, which I got from Kindred Saga). I intend on continuing on that project, since it is essentially a love-letter to RPG Maker games. The project (dubbed Project Lavender since I couldn’t think of a better name for it at the time) is open source.

But enough about me, I’m boring. :stuck_out_tongue: