Hi everybody! I’m a boy that have following your project for 1 year about. I’m so happy because you have internationalized it! Cheers! It will be wonderfull!

P.D. ¿May you explain me how you want the music? I want cooperate with you and I try to contribute with something :smiley:
¡Muy buenas a todos! Soy un chico que ha estado siguiendo vuestro projecto desde hace un año al menos. ¡Estoy realmente feliz de que lo hayais internacionalizado! ¡Ánimo! ¡Será fantástico!

P.D. ¿Me podríais explicar como queréis la música? quisiera colaborar e intentaré aportar algo :smiley:

We want music to replace the RTP from Eterbrain’s RM2k / 2k3. That means the best is mid format music replacing every theme of the RTP (Town, Castle, misc)

Mp3 format will also be suported all along with others many formats souch as ogg, wav, misc.

Ok, I’m going to try to make some good music but I don’t know if it will be enough XD

Remember to post your music in the RTP forums.