[Help] Failed to Load Project / Copying of template failed

Hi everyone,

So I built my easyRPG Editor on Linux Ubuntu, downloaded 2003 RTP package and installed it with Wine, but when it asked me for a path to the RTP, it didn’t work (i think i got this message : “Copying of template failed”)

It looks all messed up now, I can’t even create a project (I get the “Copying of template failed” message) and at the start of the program it tells me “Failed to Load Project” (maybe because there isn’t one ?).

What did I do wrong ?

Thank you all

So nobody has a clue ? I’m pretty sure it’s a noob problem :blush:

Is the term “template” indeed referring to the RTP folder ?

Sorry but our editor is barely functional. It will take at least one more year to make it fully work :frowning:

Creating new projects is completely broken, you can only open legacy RPG Maker projects (make a copy first!) and play around in the unfinished editor.

Oh I see. Wish I could be of some help but I’m not much of a developer…
One year isn’t that long though!
Awesome project 100% behind you