Help running on browser using github

hi! im a young person, as a preface. id like to run easyrpg on browser using github. firstly, this chromebook is old and restricted. it cannot use android apks nor use the appstore version of easyrpg. 2, while id like to get into coding, i dopnt yet have access to my schools coding class, so i have pretty much no idea what im doing. could some one please help? my github user is yume2kkieda and i have an assortment of random files i downloaded in my only repository.


At first I ask you to follow the following guides:

You must upload the files on a “Github Page”. How to create a page repository is explained here:

After you created the github page follow this guide that explains which files you have to upload and where: EasyRPG: EasyRPG Player

If you followed these guides and anything is unclear feel free to ask.

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Why not have a try with

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