Help with Wii EasyRPG Player

Hey, I wanted to see my game on EasyRPG Player on Wii. But it started to give me some weird errors like i can only see events there isnt a tileset just some blue weird square dots, and when you start the game it says tilemap out of index or smth like that and someyhing about the actors. Can someone help me with this?

Heres an image of it: image hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Which version of the Player are you using on Wii (it should be displayed by going in Settings → License and then selecting EasyRPG Player)? If you are precisely on version 0.8.0, this version used to have problems on Wii, so we recommend you to instead play on the continuous version available on the site, and putting the game in a zip archive since some audio issues are present otherwise.