Hi... again?

Hi everybody, I should have posted some weeks ago but forgot it. xD

My nickname is Falc, my real name is Aitor and my sourceforge account (for developers) is aitor-falc. There are some faces here I recognize, and probably they know me too since some years ago. :wink:

I’ve come back to the project after talking with fdelapena in june/july about the EasyRPG editor status, Vala language and that kind of stuff, and he convinced me (as always). Then in august I started learning Vala and doing some tests related to image processing with Cairo and showing it in GTK, and in september I started to work on it with MarianoGNU and fdelapena.

If you have been following the svn updates in CIA or Sourceforge then you know how the editor work has progressed in september. If not, maybe you should wait for a summary (either in the blog or forum).

I want a party, there’s no party here? :frowning:

There’s a party on 11.10 but I don’t know where it will be.

By the way, I just transferred and renewed the domain today.

r1512 rocks but I can’t test it with 0.14 (not showing pointer warnings with owned, but still segfaults).


A little late, but welcome then Falc! Well, then seeing that there are now more people in the editor, I’m “excited” =D! (I read before the news about ARPG so I was like counting to see you by here =D).
Anyway, you all get the editor, and we, artists, will be doing the graphs ;D. Also I’m still doing some “re-search” (re-searching lol), sound-replacing-related. And editing and stuff.

Now, back to work, see ya then,
Orochii Zouveleki

I have no need on gratings since we’ve working together for a while, i’m Gazille aka MarianoGNU on IRC and Sourceforge. I was working with aitor on editor but sadly i can’t contribute no more.

BTW fran, about orochii said (about researching) old forum was not working, have you fixed that?

Yep, it’s broken, no idea why, I’ve already making a backup of database and files, later we’ll need a rebump of all past contributions, a lot of work is still needed.