Hi, and uh


Being a RPG Maker 200x fan, I bought the original Japanese version of RM2003 long ago when it came out, and still use it sometimes.

It’s fun to see RM2003 was sold on steam in 2015… well, memories are nice.

After testing Easy-RPG, well it’s promising but may have a long way to go, especially the Editor and RTP, and the Player are still improving.

Well, life is not easy, I’m a student without full time job yet, but I understand every developers need some motivation, if you need some support, I can donate, but not much as I am not graduated yet, if donating can support developer or boost the dev I thnk it’s worthy.

Welcome icworx, thank you for your support. Not much people has the pleasure to have an original RPG Maker 200x Japanese copy. This is a collector’s piece already :).

We don’t have currently a donation mechanism, however we are considering to raise some funds to pay the App Store yearly right to publish a Player port for iPhone/iPad there (this costs more than the double than our web and build server+domain, which I already pay yearly).

There are however multiple ways to help the project without money, but with a bit of spare time invested on it, for example:

Thank you again for your support. We recently released a new liblcf/player version, if you want to take a look for the new features :).



Just bought RPG Maker 2003 Steam version, however as It’s technically a binary-fixed version of the existing RPG Maker 2003, seems there’s nothing more RM2003 can be added.

I think it’s a more reasonable way to focus on a high compatibility player that plays RPG2000/RPG2003 well, and develop the IDE later when the player go mature.