Hi everybody

Hi everybody.
I am Alephman and be here to help as possible.
Question: Where can publish any work for the EasyRPG? I have a free battleweapon like me you feel about incorporating in EasyRTP

Hello Alephman.

Resources are to be posted in the RTP forum.

Hello, Alephman. I’m glad to see you here.

The forum attachments are disabled. Forums are thread based and ordered by date, so the information is disordered by nature.

You can use the wiki to attach files for a better content arrangement. It’s not the most ideal method to do it but the RTP replacement uploader website is not completed yet. Look here:

Thank you in advance for your work!

So I can raise the battleweapon in the wiki? Ok.

Edit: Is made.

Hey, it’s great! I love it. You can put your name as credits in the wiki, for the aknowledgement of your work if you want :).

Welcome Alephman to the forums :slight_smile:

Great work with the battleweapon, thanks!

how do I put my name in the credits on the wiki?

PD:what else I can do for the project?

[quote=“Alephman”]how do I put my name in the credits on the wiki?

PD:what else I can do for the project?[/quote]

You can edit the page and simply put your name under the material, for example. The wiki place for the material is provisional anyways.

Look out the Sample Game discussion for example. Concerning RTP data there are more suggestions in the wiki but templates are missing yet.

Ok fdelapena. Thanks for the info…