Hi, from spain


I’m Soeufans, from de hispanic scene of RPGmaker.

I want to say “hello” to this forum, and show some tests with Easy RPG player on my own game.

My game, uses a lots of events with pictures, and here are two tests:

Test with Easy Player Version 0.1.2

It looks weird in the video, but it was worse in the 0.1.1 version :slight_smile:

Wow that is some hardcore event usage o_O

What are the differences compared to RPG_RT? (besides that “No free channel” warning)

Here are more testes:

Original RPG_RT.EXE

Player Easy RPG Version 0.1.1

As you can see, in the original, the pictures are 100% functional, but in Easy Player, goes a bit more like “bugued” like a nightmare.

The custom menu its used in the original RPG_RT but it don’t works on Easy Player

I have more secuences to test with RPG_RT.EXE vs Easy Player