Hi there!

I think that is a good idea to introduce myself, even if spanish speakers know me already, for… my bad temper maybe? lol…

My name is Marina, i’m 24 years old. I would like to give as much suport as i can in this project (but for the moment i’m just good in graphics), because i’m using rpg maker to create my own projects and everyone knows that is not legal to use it without a licence, and how can i f***ing get the licence of the rpg maker 2000???.. This is annoying… i think that easyrpg will be a kind of revolution xD

I’m also a pixel artist and i love to draw and do sculpture.

Sorry, i dont know what else to say… i hope that this is enough for now. See you around.

Y un saludo a los de habla hispana, que mas o menos nos conocemos entre todos aunque sea ve vista :wink:

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Claro que si, si tu presentación en ingles es mucho más amplia que la qué hiciste en español… lol
(Llevo 30 minutos y ya estoy cansado de ir escribiendo en dos idiomas. No creo que me pase mucho…)

Sure, if your presentation in English is much more extensive than what you did in Spanish… lol
(I have 30 minutes to go I’m tired of writing in two languages. I do not think that I spend a lot…)

Yap, true, easyrpg will be the revolution, why you think I’m still here then?

Ha ha, I have one year more than you x’D (it’s funny, that’s the first time I heard about your age).

Well, pixel sensei, wellcome back the forums :wink:

-It’s all right now!-

Astral, en esa foto te das un aire a heath ledger xD