Hide Maps in folder

This is bothering me for a long time and maybe easyrpg would be a possibility to fix this.
It’s the fact, that the maps of a project are always located in the project folder and do not have their own. It doesn’t matter if it’s like 50 maps but from like a 100 and more it gets kinda anoying scrolling for the player.exe.
so maybe there would be an easy(!) way to tell the interpreter (or what so ever?) to look for the maps either in the project folder or in a subfolder called “maps”.

dunno if this is bothering anyone else, but I feel it’d be a major improvement. ^^
however it’s of course just a suggestion.

Sure, that is of course possible.
However, this would break editing the files with the Official Editor, so is not planned currently.
When working with these games you would need to move the files all the time, which is error-prone.

Okay, I see. However this would make sense in particular when packing a demo and delivering the game to others. When edititng I could of course keep the maps outside the folder and start the game with testplay anyway (so no anoying scrolling).
So it still could be an interesting option for developers.

I have to say like the idea. It looks a lot cleaner when you open up the game folder so it only shows an executable, configuration and maybe some readme file.

The proposed code change would be 3 lines patch at most and could fallback to current behaviour, so this could be added…

glad, you like it. for anyone who’s no stranger to rpg maker, they probably wouldn’t mind it too much, cause their used to it. But for someone who just wants to try a maker game and sees this:

… they might be deterred. ^^

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