HIIIIIII i m a newbie

Hi EasyRPG Comunity i m a newbie

Hello, welcome.
About the Pixel++ and Programming with RPG syntax:
Both topics looked like spam because, except for the link, there was no further explanation why this is relevant for this community.

mmm, really my post were pretty poor

About the Pixell++ post ( https://bmao.tech/PixelPlusPlus/ )

I remember years ago I saw my brother making sprite of a giant character, working with Microsoft Paint. Although some of the work it’s pretty fast with simple Raster Graphics Editor or working directly on the image, other part of the work it’s more fast with a Programming Language Library. Although a better approach would be bidirectional, like the approach taken by Sketch-n-Sketch, Pixel++ take the “textual path” to bitmap manipulation and make it its main goal. literally a pixel-oriented DSL.

About the RPG syntax post ( http://shenafu.com/wp/plurps/ )

It 's simply for the sake of thread RPG related words into the programming language itself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If you dismiss the post just because the picture of the woman :thinking: , if you scroll down, you find the important, the picture is because the founder of the web like that artist in particular…

PLURPSP rogramming L anguage U sing R ole- P laying S yntax

Just an idea to write code as if we are playing a RPG. Very initial brainstorm.

Class – class
New instance – create
Delete instance – kill
If – attack
Then – hit
Else – miss
Function – skill
Parameters – targets
Return – result
Switch – menu
Case – option
Array – group
Add to array – join
Delete from array – leave
For – fight <stat> <value |number>
Next in loop – grind
Increment – up (<stat> up <optional number|default 1>)
Decrement – down (<stat> down <optional number|default 1>)
Break – flee
Continue – skip
Variable – stat
Integer – number
String – quote
Local – melee
Global – ranged
End block – done
True – yes
False – no
Output – say

PD: There also another PL focused pretty much of filters and image processing , Halide