How are the savefiles stored in the web player?

Hi everyone,
I’d like to have some insights on how the web player (when hosted on a web server) manages save files, are they cached ? for how long ?
Thank you and have a good day

Hi, sorry for the late reply: the webplayer uses localStorage for storing the data, so it relies on how the user manages the cleanup of local website data. Local storage is unrelated to cookies, however some browsers allow to clean everything related to a site.

There are mechanisms to extend via javascript that works with current EasyRPG Player versions to handle savegames from the server side if you want to implement this. A good example is by checking the source code.

There is also an in-progress patch to allow uploading and downlading for easy import-export of savegame data for local preservation, you can take a look and a screenshot on how’s being implemented at Emscripten: Add Api and remove Asynchify by Ghabry · Pull Request #2862 · EasyRPG/Player · GitHub