How do I display the translated assets?

I am translating the game while looking at this guide.
Sorry, I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m using google translate.

in the guide,

Translating assets

Many games also contain text on graphics, and a few even have voiceover.

These assets can also be translated.

For example, the translated version of Picture/Intro.png is located in languages/LANGUAGE_NAME/Picture/Intro.png.

Although it is written, the image is not changed even if you actually do this …
In my case Game/Title/title.bmp so
I’m placing the translated image in the , but it doesn’t change.
Also, not only the title image, but also the pictures is not changed…
Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Did you use literally LANGUAGE_NAME? You should use a real language code there.
Also, did you create the Meta.ini file? Without it, it does not work.

By the way: Which language are you translating to?

no, I named it “Japanese patch” instead of “LANGUAGE_NAME”.
and I have created Meta.ini in the Japanese patch folder.
the content is,
Description=Japanese patch

and also i’m translating a simplified chinese game in japanese

Can you upload the logfile (easyrpg_log.txt in the game directory)?
It should add messages about loading translations and such.

Do you use 0.7 or a continuos build? Because translating is a recent feature it contained some bugs. One of them was that loading of images does not work.