How do i download yume 2kki

Hello ! Im new to EasyRPG and right now i’ve finally download .flow. Can someone help me download yume 2kki?? I dont know how to run it (Im on Android)

Hello, I usually get the links from the Yume Nikki fangames wiki, for example:

The 0.114 English translation version is on a RAR archive. We recommend ZArchiver to unpack games in general. For RAR files in particular (like this one) you could also use the official RAR app.
We got reports some bad quality Android unpackers are broken and they don’t extract games properly, missing files.
Please unpack it to /easyrpg/games/yume2kki/ or use the folder game name. Moving it later may take extra time, so if you can unpack it there directly, even better. Example: Como jugar YUME NIKKI y FanGames en el Movil con easyRPG! - YouTube (example in Spanish installing Yume 2ikki in Japanese)

Warning: the game size is large (605 MB compressed the 0.114 English), so it is possible you need at least 2 GB free space in your device to download and unpack your game. And being patient while unpacking, it may take quite some time on slow writing flash memory devices.

Thank you for your reply! I will do my best

hello ! thank you for your help, Ive just finished downloading it and everything works ! Thank you❤️

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