How should I use the toolchain created from CI?

The toolchain I downloaded from here has only two folders(include,lib),and there is no executable file in it.
This seems unusual.Can I use this toolchain to compile the Easyrpg Player?

Hi, welcome to the forums.

The toolchain we provide only has the needed libraries used by our project. You still need the buildroot (

Thank you for your reply.
I have some problems while trying to compile a toolchain containing these needed libraries.(icu,libmpg123,Error during compilation)
Can I put these libraries files into the existing Toolchain?

It should be possible to use them when you have built opendingux 2019-11 from the buildroot.
However, cross-compiling mpg123 should not be too difficult either.

Thanks for your reply, I will open a new topic for some other issue :slight_smile: