How SNK made the Kof 12 sprites (tutorial)

If someone want to read how SNK made the sprites of Kof 12.
I guess it should help any spriter out there, at least it’s interesting to watch.
I would like to know if something similar could be made for EasyRPG, at least in the making of a HD game.

I think that, at least for us hobbyists, if someone can make a great rendering (I hate you commercial games!!! I envy you (by now)!!! snif snif) like that, it would be finally used directly as a graphic or maybe as a prerendered image (at least for me, in my actual “greatly vast” 3d modeling ability, that model would be my better one).
BUT, we can also use the drawing part, as some people have already made it (talking about maker stuff people and a host others). The model isn’t really important, at least if you can really draw (it involves light and shades’ use) you can skip that phase (maybe the animation phase is the real purpose, but if you can draw, you can do some “examples” and finalize the animation in pixels).

Maybe I’m not of those that say “woah the commercial methods are the best”, at least that’s my intention in this post, you can get that without that lot of… steps,
Orochii Zouveleki

PD.: Well maybe not the same, but you can get something good also.

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