How to stop sending easyrpg community emails to my email

I just registered an account for the community, but the community always sends emails to my email in the form of GitHub forwarding. My email is almost full of community emails But I cannot refuse this address (as I may not receive official emails from GitHub), so how can I ask the community not to send me emails?
(*I am Chinese,I used Google translate)

Hi, by default you get notifications on posts where you replied. I see you already configured to not received some emails in your email preferences. However there still was a checkbox that could send a community summary every six months. I’ve disabled it from if you prefer to re-enable it.

The post you replied is the “Compatibility list”. To unsubscribe from new replies from any post by changing the “Watching” or “Tracking” option below posts and set it to “Normal”. This way only notifies when somebody mention your name, and you have already disabled emails when somebody mentions you. I’ve disabled any notification to replies if somebody replies you by setting it to “Mute” instead.

Also changed the default configuration for “Tracking” to “Normal” for topic replies on on the “When I post in a topic, set a topic to …”. Also added most categories as “Muted” below. Consider removing categories from that muted list if you want to receive email when somebody replies to your post or mentions you with your name by prefixing it with a “@” symbol.

Additionally, you had a linked GitHub account in your preferences. I’ve disabled it in case this had some relation on receiving emails forwarded via GitHub somehow. This is located in the “Associated Accounts” section at and clicking “Show”.