How Would I Get An Updated Retroarch Core On Android?

Given that the new update fixes allot of issues of the previous, and that Retroarch can support controller, I want to update, but the core is stuck at 0.6.1. Is there any way I can make a core, or find a link to an updated core for Android?

There is no updated core right now.

The reason is that I hate there build system. Because EasyRPG depends on many external libraries it is a gigantic pain and time waste to maintain this. For our own releases we have much superior infrastructure (but not enough capacity to build all the libretro stuff)

I can try to build it manually.

Ah, I see, In that case, it’s not that super big a deal. I just saw the website said an updated core was available, and was wondering if I was doing something wrong in obtaining it. Really the only reason I wanted it was for better controller support, but my workaround for the main app works fine for the time being.