I just need a few quick answers

  1. Does this support exfonts yet?

  2. If so, then HOW

  3. Can it display larger battlecharas?

  4. How was your day? :smiley:

Howdy Itta:

1: yes!

2: It looks for a file called exfont.bmp in the same directory where RPG_RT.* and map files are. When a game uses custom exfont embedded in the RPG_RT.exe, Player extracts it automagically for convenience and performace when being compatible with patched games. Note the bmp is in 1-bit (monochrome) DIB format.

3: RPG Maker 2003 uses Battle2 animations for them natively instead of battlecharsets. There are some glitches, but should work!

4: a nice day here, thanks!

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thank you very much! Peace!

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