I need help with basics

Dear EasyRPG Community.

I’m trying to play Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy but after 3 days of trying on my own am asking for help from y’all.

I downloaded easyrpg, blackmoon prophecy 2020 April, but can’t figure out how to play it. Easyrpgplayer says that I need to put blackmoon in a subdirectory but I Easyrpg isn’t a folder so how do I do that?

I also downloaded the rpgmaker 2003 that blackmoon was coded into but I don’t know how to make it work.

I appreciate any tips, advice, or even just chat as life is getting pretty monotonous these days

I got it to work on my phone using RAR and Easyrpg player apps but would still like to figure out how to do this on my computer as 1: the screen is bigger and 2: for the sake of achieving victory!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello @Albatross,

In order to play on the computer, just place the Player executable in the same game directory (the same where the RPG_RT.exe file is placed) and run it from there.
On macOS, place the app bundle in the game directory as above.
On GNU/Linux, there are specific packages, then run easyrpg-player from the terminal from the game working directory.

Have fun!