I need help with HOME

Im playing HOME in my Android butwhen i load the game the hp goes to anynumber/1
And cp anynumber/0
And the stats are lowed like 1-10
And the characters in battle are the batter, how i can fix that?

Hi Cris2003x, welcome.

It seems your savegame got corrupted somehow. Possible reasons are:

  • The savegame was being used from months older EasyRPG Player version. There were some breaking changes in savegames since 0.6.0 which might corrupt some data.

  • The savegame does not correspond to the same HOME version (or even different game). Did you import the savegame from somewhere?

  • If you didn’t modify the game and the savegame corresponds to the same EasyRPG Player version, then it might be a real bug.

In the last case, could you tell which HOME version (translation) you used and send us a bug report via the email feature from the app when running the game? This will attach to your email app the SaveXX.lsd files and the easyrpg_log.txt to an email, then tell the email app to send that email and we could take a look to it.

Thanks, regards.