Ib - problem with messages

The first time its occur was when i interact with the picture called The Hanged Man , essential to go ahead in game .
When i interact , appers :
.The Hanged Man
.I click A
.The Garry speak
.Now appers 3 options , to see the picture in specific points
.I click A to stop seeing the picture in the specific point( B dont work )
.and Appers again the message : The Hanged Man , and i cant leave the message , so i can get move of in front of the picture
If i click A or B occurs the same thing , the garry speak etc…
This is occuring is some parts of the game , like the mirror next to the area of the hanged man
The normal to occurs : click A to leave the picture specific point and dont apper the message : The hanged man , again

While this gets fixed, you can avoid this infinite loop by holding Left when you press A to stop seeing the picture.