Increase stats?

Will easy rpg increase stat limits?

It is already possible to increase stats limits, though without an editor it is currently not really accessible.

To do that, you need to:

  • manually set the encoding in the RPG_RT.ini file of your game (see the example on the format the file should have here, and see the possible encodings here)
  • use the lcf2xml tool (available here) and drop the RPG_RT.ldb file of your game in it, this should generate a RPG_RT.edb file
  • Search for the fields <easyrpg_max_stat_base_value> and </easyrpg_max_stat_battle_value> in your RPG_RT.edb file and change the value to the one that you want, then save your file
  • Drop your RPG_RT.edb file back in lcf2xml, this should update your RPG_RT.ldb file with the settings that you requested

Unfortunately, since this field does not exist in the original RPG Maker, it means that if you edit your database with RPG Maker you will have to redo the manipulation to readd your settings, so you need to do that each time you want to update it.

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Will it ever be added?

As I have said in my message, it is already possible to do that with the current version of the Player. The issue is that, without an editor understanding these options, it will not be easily accessible to enable these options, so you have to follow the instructions and repeat these steps each time you want to enable it for now.