Well… most people here know me. If your not, just continue reading.

My nick is EN.I, i’m 19 years old and I’m a RPG Maker 2000/2003 user. I follow very close this project, and i tried to help a little with some little stuff. EasyRPG is the best idea ( later than jam and eggs xD) to do a Open RPG Maker for many plataforms; this could be very helpful to indie game developers (i say well this last word? T_T xD).

Now, i’m working in RPG Maker test suite, a rpg maker project that test the different combinations of command events (and his options) to optimize the developing and debugging works. Also i made other very little stuff like as the party start logo, and others.

Maururu… bye

PD: fdelapena, quedo bien pro el design del foro ;D

Claro que si, bienvenido al nuevo foro, más amplio y más toca pelotas!! Con eso de tener que ir cambiando de idioma todo el rato… lol

Sure, welcome to the new forum, broader and more *********!! As a consequence of having to change the language all the time … lol