Is thai language font render support for windows player?

since rpg maker 2k using fixed placeholders for every character.
i try to use your player but it display latin character not thai language.

i’m try to change encoding to UTF-8 but nothing useful.

please help me to solve this problem. and sorry for my bad english.

How is this game called? Can we have a download link?

A game using a Thai font, that is interesting. We are using a built-in font which has no glyphs for Thai language yet. And Thai uses combining characters (for placing stuff above/below) this is also not supported.
But can be added when there is interest for this.

fdelepena: Maybe is time now to think about FreeType again for custom fonts, this is too tricky for our code. :smiley:

@Ghabry This game name “Yanderella” Original is in Japanese language.
but it has translate to thai. by mod RPG_RT.exe font to use “MS sans serif”

Here is download link … sp=sharing

Note: translated version have problem to display tone character ( and some upper vowel

best regrad and sorry for my band english.


I think supporting as many languages as possible is very important, and this includes Thai!

It think the simplest way to make Thai work is to add all the combinations to private-use area in Unicode in our font (Shinonome), and then add a simple code that replaces two unicode combinations with one private-use character. In fact, displaying Thai characters in player doesn’t look too difficult. If I’m not lazy, I’ll try to make a simple proof-of-concept.

However, I think the harder part is to enter text. Can you enter Thai text in your RPG Maker? (SInce EasyRPG Editor is not yet ready.) Which character set/encoding is used?

Actually the current Thai translation does it this way, by remapping combined glyphs to other slots. Though in my opinion this is not the perfect solution. Will not help with other complex scripts (Thai is easy compared to others :D)

The codepage number for Thai is 874. The Player does not support this on all platforms yet because the toolchains must be recompiled.

The rest of the discussion somehow moved to Github.
In short: For rendering complex scripts you can use a library called “harfbuzz”. This solution will not work for shinonome because it needs ttf metadata. So you will need system fonts (which shouldn’t be that difficult under Win/Lin/Mac and Android).
I was also proposing a hires rendering mode which renders in 640x480 (gives 4 times the pixel) for more crisp font rendering.