Issues with Witch's Heart

I’m having issues with Witch’s Heart. It’s made on RPGMaker 2000 and apparently that one has some inherent control bugs, such as no buttons working, which is what I’m experiencing. My X, Esc, and B buttons all work but do the same thing (open the menu.) Is there anything I can do to try to fix this?

The fact that the keys X, Esc and B all do the same action is completely normal, this how those keys are intended to work, both in RPG_RT and EasyRPG.
Here are the following keys that should be useful to you when playing Witch’s Heart, and their mapping:

Up: Up, K, Num8, W, D-Pad Up (Controller), Left Stick Up (Controller)
Down: Down, J, Num2, S, D-Pad Down (Controller), Left Stick Down (Controller)
Left: Left, H, Num4, A, D-Pad Left (Controller), Left Stick Left (Controller)
Right: Right, L, Num6, D, D-Pad Right (Controller), Left Stick Right (Controller)
Action: Enter, Z, Space, Num Enter, A (Controller)
Cancel/Menu: Esc, Backspace, X, C, V, B, N, Num0, B (Controller), X (Controller)
Shift: Left/Right Shift, Y (Controller)

Thank you so much! The controls you mentioned appear to work! For some reason, the arrow keys don’t work for me, but K, J, H, and L do. Again, thanks!