Japanese Characters Bug (Android)

Made an account just to see if anybody knows why this bug happens.
It apparently doesn’t load the image because it cannot be found, and the only issues I’m having is what image I need to find to fix this. Either that or Japanese characters are bugged.

The game was expecting to find a png, bmp or xyz file in the Picture folder having the name shown on your screen, but it was not able to find it.
The issue could be coming from either the game not having the right asset in the Picture folder, or it could be an issue with how the encoding was detected for the game or the archive of the game, causing the name of the asset to be incorrectly read and thus, not used. Last possibility could simply be that said picture was not included with the game, though this is something that would came from the game itself and not EasyRPG. Without a copy of the game or knowing which game it is though, I’m not sure if I can help further than that unfortunately.