Just coming back to see this project

Well, i was looking for a project like that for 2 years now, i remember downloading a plugin here once (when the site were still .com) to be able to play my game on the PSP. I remeber getting a lil frustrated when my game freezed at the title screen, but i knew that it was a matter of time to this project to get done.

Now i’m back to see how it is going =]

And one question,is there already a way to play RPG maker 2003 games on PSP? =x

Hello :slight_smile:

Their is a PSP port available for the EasyRPG player. Zhek created a port for it a few weeks ago. But I’m not sure if it still compiles because we did lots of code changes again and this could of course break the not so often used builds ;).
But we plan a first alpha release soon (in the next weeks). Then all supported ports should of course work g.

The compatibility of the player is still “low” (from the view of a normal user). Their are e.g. no vehicles supported yet and some important scenes like Battle Scene are missing.

PSP player port can’t be compiled, at least for me.

Could you give more details? Keep in mind that the PSP makefile is not being kept up to date. Player is getting many changes and modifications daily and doing so would be a titanic job and a waste of time. You could update yourself the PSP makefile (e.g. adding missing files) and make it compile with little effort.

Try to use wildcard to compile all source files (*.cpp)

First, sorry for my English.

I’m a noob at programming. I have added some includes for psp and now all player files are compiled, but i have troubles compiling readers. That’s the error a get:

[quote]…/…/…/readers/src/ldb_actor.cpp: In function ‘RPG::Actor LDB_Reader::ReadActor(Reader&)’:
…/…/…/readers/src/ldb_actor.cpp:144: error: no matching function for call to’Reader::Read32(std::vector<unsigned int, std::allocator >&, uint32_t&)'
C:/Users/RubÚn/Downloads/programas/programacion/easyrpg/player/builds/psp/…/…/…/readers/include/reader.h:145: note: candidates are: int32_t Reader::Read32(Reader::IntegerType)
C:/Users/RubÚn/Downloads/programas/programacion/easyrpg/player/builds/psp/…/…/…/readers/include/reader.h:179: note: void Reader::Read32(std::vector<long unsigned int, std::allocator >&, size_t)
make: *** […/…/…/readers/src/ldb_actor.o] Error 1

And I don’t know why, because I can compile them whit visual studio for windows.

I think that when you talk about wildcard you talk about the implementation that Zhek did in the first makefile:

[quote]CPPFILES = $(foreach dir,$(SOURCES), $(wildcard $(dir)/.cpp))
BINFILES = $(foreach dir,$(DATA), $(wildcard $(dir)/
.*)) [/quote]

I have updated the makefile too.

I tried to avoid this function and I can compile and run in the psp (but, of course, it give me an error and it only show the init splash whit some text that i can’t read. I’ll upload a photo as soon as I can)

Maybe is a reader bug. Try to include all game data, including RTP dependencies inside.

Also you need to add timidity patches inside:
Download this zip: libsdl.org/projects/SDL_mixe … ity.tar.gz
and put the instruments/ folder and timidity.cfg in same level as binary executable.
We’re in IRC channel, you was 2 minutes in (I saw channel too late to meet you).

My computer must be kidding. No changes made and no compiling now. I have restarted makefile and made some changes and now compile but doesn’t work. I’m trying to install cygwin to test, i’ll tell you if i have news.

Strange, maybe you need to “make clean” before.
Maybe MinGW + MSYS is faster, or for better results try VirtualBox with any GNU/Linux distro inside.

¿May we start a new thread to talk about this? Anyway, I finally compiled it and made it work again. I’m testing it with jpcsp, an opensource java psp emulator, if you want to try. Work slowly, but works. I have adapted it to the visual studio 2010 solution to make it easier to work with. This is the splash I get:

bigger: imagengratis.org/images/easyrpg.png

I’ll continue testing.

I found the problem that wasn’t leaving compile the readers. Apparently, gcc doesn’y leave to call Read32 with actor.battle_commands, because it is:
std::vector<unsigned int, std::allocator >
and function parameter is:
std::vector<long unsigned int, std::allocator >

Zhek was working on the port but still there are other problems, like the lack of wchar in newlib (PSP uses newlib instead of libc6 because is smaller).

Good god, I finally instaled ubuntu in vmware and downloaded and instaled all psptoolchain and psplibraries by myself, I had to download minpspw patch for newlib-1.18 to psp and enable libiconv suport.

Thanks for the changes you have made
I had to make some changes (like wchar definitions adding to the #if defined(DINGO) || defined(PSP)), add -fpermissive to the makefile flags and other changes and now works! (litle bit slowly, but works). I’ll continue investigating it.

PSP has support for wstrings, you just have to enable it when compiling.