Known RTP translations

First original 2000 and 2003 RTP are in Japanese. But there are more than one translation of each. The game interpreter wants to support any game made using any RTP but we need to know any RTP made.

Currently, these translations are known by us today:

2000 RTP:

Japanese (original)
English (Don Miguel)

2003 RTP:

Japanese (original)
English (RPG Advocate)
English (with files as DonJohn.png instead of Dungeon.png, missing 2000 RTP midi files)
English (similar as above but with character errors in some files)
Korean (unofficial)
Chinese (seems to be official, hongkong release)

Do you know more RTP translations/versions not listed here?

I found something interesting maybe you already know.

There’s two RTP translation by Don Miguel:

RTP 1.0 –
RTP 1.32 –

There’s two RTP translation by Don Miguel:

RTP 1.0 –
RTP 1.32 –[/quote]
Sadly, the second one isn’t a second translation. Is something like an add-on package. I know it because I have it (it haves some great monsters, as a personal side note :DD ).

Hope this clarifies something hehehee (leído jejejé),
Orochii Zouveleki

There is an unofficial Russian version of 2003 RTP. I’ve filled the table with its filenames in … e/2003-rtp

Thank you very much Jikmok, in order to add your file list we will need to fix first.