Launching RPG Maker games with EasyRPG player via command prompt?

Hi, I have been testing out various command lines to launch a game with EasyRPG. However, so far all have been unsuccessful. I keep getting the opening menu of EasyRPG. What are some methods to open a game directly via a command line argument, without having to open the EasyRPG UI first?

I am using a windows environment.

Hi, for now, something like this is not possible to my knowledge. There is no command for that mentioned in the user manual, so the only way of having your game start without having the menu just before would be to put a copy of the player in the folder of your game and then start it, though it is not what you want. Maybe something like that is possible with the libretro port (since the menu part is handled by the libretro interface used), but I have no knowledge on this and I could be wrong.

You can use --project-path PATH_TO_THE_GAME