Linux / android editor?


I’ve been reading the forum and I know for the time being it is recommended to use rm2k/3 for making games, as the easyrpg editor isn’t finished.

What I would like is to make very simple games, without battle system (like ib). And I would like to make it from my phone or tablet as I find it more confortable that working in the pc.

How factible is it to make such an editor for android? I would only need a map editor and event editor. Maybe also a basic item editor. As the player already works perfectly for games like Ib, I think it should be doable. I like programming in python and have used kivy to make android apps, but I don’t know where to start to make such an editor.

What I can’t seem to find is the documentation of the rm2k map format. Isn’t it in the wiki? If not, why so? I tried reading the source code but I couldn’t easily understand the map format from it. I couldn’t even compile it.

Talking about compiling, I prefer working from linux, but it is not easy to install the player/editor from the sources. Are there plans of releasing a debian package for making easier working with this project from linux?


Well the map and the event editor are really the hardest parts.
For loading RPG maker files we use liblcf but it’s really not much documented. And using it under Android is probably a bit tricky because you have to interop with Java-code through JNI.

To load a map use LMU_Reader::Load(filename, encoding). Encoding is the file encoding because RPG Maker is not unicode aware -.- . For english just pass “1252” (Western european) here.

To understand the map format look in tilemap_layer.cpp it’s quite tricky because of so called “auto tiles”, e.g. when you put grass it uses subtiles depending on to what the grass is adjacent to. So for one grass tile you get like 9 different ways to render it. Same for the other auto tiles. You will also see things like BlockA, BlockB and so on. This refers to specific parts of the tilemap, iirc there is a picture for this in the RPG Maker 2k help file, will search it tomorrow.

Events are also not really documented, to get the parameter layout of the different events look in game_interpreter.cpp (and _map/_battle interpreter).

You can convert the RPG Maker formats to XML (and back) with lcf2xml:

For the stable release (0.5, 0.5.1 will be released soon) of Player we offer packages through OBS:
(Click on GNU/Linux -> Arch, Debian, …)

We provide instructions in the Wiki
though because we discontinued the wiki and plan to move everything important to the website that article is not 100% up to date anymore (new optional dependencies, mostly for better audio, added, see ./configure --help)

For editor I think you need Qt5 and liblcf.