Live Long and Prosper

Pleasant greetings. You may call me Claws, Claws61821, newb, noob, asshole, etc. :wink:

I first encountered the RM scene in 2001, and spent the next few years frequenting RMD. Although I never knuckled down enough to actually make a game of my own, I joined in the play testing for several. When RMD last closed its doors, I was having enough serious computer troubles that I ended up losing interest for a time. A year ago, I learned while browsing a few forums in search of a flash game to waste an hour on that RPG Maker games are still quite popular, and that many designers are still using RM2k.

In the time since, I have downloaded and tried a handful of WIP games for 2k-VX, and have begun working on contributions to one game’s wikia and translation projects. I am also interested in making a game or two as a community project sometime in the near future. On a whim, I decided to search for a few alternative makers to see what options were available, and most were less flexible or more complex to work with. Then easyRPG caught my eye, and I thought I’d give it a chance.

I have very little knowledge of any programming language and few reliable prospects for guided learning in the near future, but I hope to be of some usefulness in furthering this project. My current primary system multi-boots between Ubuntu, Win7 and a modified XP, so feel free to request that I test something for you in any of those or in Android - though I may need someone to teach me how to compile on a non-Root stock HTC rom…

Additionally to any help on the easyRPG project, I am also available to discuss story and game ideas; existing movies, novels and games; personal conflicts (though don’t expect a qualified shrink or mediator); and fanfiction (primarily crossovers or stories based on the following: Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Harry Potter, Buffy, LotR, Halo, Naruto).

Go In Peace, May Your Swords Stay Sharp and the Force Be With You;